About Us

Nitronics Enterprises Ltd is a fast growing company since recent years. It is located in Hong Kong and focus developing on three business areas, which included Semi-Conductors Distrubution, Manufacturing Services and Battery Pack's Products.

Manufacturing Service
Nitronics are experienced in PCB assembling and related services support, especially in offices equipments and battery pack manufacytuing. Our factories located both in China and Vietnam. Please click here to have more inforamtion about our Manufactoring services.

Battery Pack
Nitronics are experienced in battery pack manufacturing. We have our own brand name and support both B2C and B2B business. Our R&D located in Hong Kong aims for guarantee our products quality. We are providing reliable products to our customer. Please click here to have a more inforamtion about our Battery Pack products.

Semi-conductors Supply
Nitronics aim for providing customerized supply chain solution to our customers. We promised to provide competitive prices and on-time delivery services to our customer. Please click here to have a more inforamtion about our Semi-Conductors Supply solution.

Manufacturing Service







China Factory:

Address: XiShan Bashi Town, Wuxi City, China


Vietnam Factory:

Address: Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, Wu Chi Ming, Vietnam


Please contact us at sales@nitronics.com.hk for any inquiries.